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O-Zone Therapy, or using the compound for disinfection and a treatment option for various ailments, has been around for quite some time. O-Zone Therapy involves exposing skin or the body to the beneficial effects of the ozone molecule, which causes oxygenation and disinfection as well as treating pain issues.

Early on, medical applications for this compound were discovered to be quite beneficial when applied in a gas bath. Made up of three oxygen atoms, ozone provides a more concentrated source of oxygen. This allows for an effective treatment option for ischemic and hypoxic syndromes as well as other applications in which a concentrated application of oxygen molecules can be advantageous.

As a disinfectant and purifying agent, ozone has been used for over a hundred and fifty years. It’s effectiveness and breadth of applications has only grown over the years as professionals discovered more and more uses for the compound.

Uses for O-Zone Therapy

Beginning in 1987, ozone has been used for quite a variety of medical applications, issues and ailments. From cholesterol to tumor treatment, the problems the compound has treated successfully have demonstrated time and again how beneficial it is.

More recently, ozone has been used for issues with suppressing viral activity and secondary infections.

With the advent of the ozone therapy machine has come advances in many areas, such as treatment of the following:

  • infected wounds
  • geriatric disorders
  • muscular degeneration and rheumatism
  • pain treatment

Treatment through ozone therapy is delivered in one of three ways:

  • directly on the skin in a controlled release system
  • intravenously
  • intramuscularly

People with back pain, arthritis, and other pain issues have recently found relief from ozone treatments. Because of the oxidation effects of introducing ozone into the body, there are tremendous wide-ranging benefits to using an ozone therapy machine for treatment.

Benefits of Ozone Therapy

O-Zone Therapy has excellent benefits for patients. Because it both attacks bacteria viruses and fungal infections and has numerous other cellular benefits, the range of ways that ozone can help a person’s body is truly impressive. There are numerous benefits to the circulatory system, related to the regulation of the blood. Patients have seen improvement in circulation, in the removal of impurities from the blood, and in improving the function of the heart muscles, stopping arrhythmia and excessive bleeding.

In addition to circulatory benefits, there are benefits to the adrenal system as well, including hormone and enzyme production. Beyond these two systems, the application of ozone can affect the body in other beneficial ways, ranging from improved brain function and preventing diabetes to reducing pain and inflammation. These last two applications of ozone therapy are particularly promising for patients who suffer from chronic pain, such as back pain or arthritis.

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