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When undergoing any treatment, especially to remedy pain, it is critical to achieve relief using a safe and proven method that won’t wind up doing more damage to the patient in the long run. Thankfully, regenerative medicine has an established history as a new protocol in the field of natural medicine. The regenerative properties in cellular treatments provide an all-natural alternative to synthetic pain medications with addictive properties and harmful side effects.

Cellular therapy, specifically using mesenchymal cells, comes without the complications and downtime that often accompanies serious surgery. These cells are already naturally occurring within the body and necessary for the body’s proper function and ability to heal.

When used as a form of personalized medicine, mesenchymal cells are very safely acquired with no harm done to the mother or child. The potent young cells are then rigorously screened and tested prior to use in the patient. They are then simply injected to the area of pain or injury in order to introduce healthy and viable cells into the damaged site. This minimally invasive procedure stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself naturally. Treatments are also non-tumorigenic meaning they will not cause, nor enhance existing tumors. Rest assured, cellular treatments allow our patients to achieve

Mesenchymal Regenerative Cells

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are particularly gifted in the realm of healing and are a great choice for those seeking natural medicine to relieve pain. These unique regenerative cells have the ability to change and adapt into any cell type within the body. While present in your body in large numbers at birth, these cells significantly decrease with age and time. This makes it more difficult to repair injury and the wear and tear of everyday life.

However, when young, more viable cells are taken from birth tissue allografts and implemented into a patient, they work hand-in-hand with the body’s own cells to promote regeneration and healing. Once administered to the desired site, they release growth factors necessary in the body’s healing process. Mesenchymal cells are also shown to be immune privileged which means they won’t trigger an immune response. Unlike other procedures that leave the patient trying remedy after remedy only to remain in pain, or suffer from the body rejecting a foreign substance, MSCs are capable of thriving within the human body, while posing little chance for rejection. This is due to the natural and adaptable nature of the cell itself.

Cellular therapy using mesenchymal cells is especially beneficial to those suffering with lingering conditions or injuries that impede with day-to-day life such as tendon and ligament issues, back pain, joint pain, and much more!


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