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Running and Joint Health

The idea that running is bad for the joints has been around for quite some time. But is running actually bad for you? While there can be some truth to the correlation between running and joint pain, there are actually a lot of different factors that affect the role that running plays on your joint health. Here is everything you need to know about running, joint damage, and the factors that play into that.

How Running Affects Your Joints

Running & Arthritis

It is a common misconception that all runners have bad knees later in life. Several studies have shown that there is no connection between running and arthritis. As people age, their joints slowly tear apart but running has not been found to speed up or slow down that process. The knees of people who run regularly are no better or worse than people who have never ran before, so running alone does not lead to arthritis.

Common Running Injuries

Despite the fact that running doesn’t cause arthritis, there are still common injuries that are associated with running. Most runners deal with a slight degree of pain throughout their careers. These injuries can range from minor hamstring pulls to serious stress fractures. As such, it is important to understand what causes running injuries and how to most effectively prevent them. 

Running While Injured Causes Serious Damage

One of the main factors that runners should keep in mind is the existing health of their joints. If you already have some damage to your knees, you are more likely to cause greater damage by running. This holds true whether you run regularly or occasionally. People with pre-existing damage in the joints are more prone to injuries while running and should be careful about overworking their joints.

Importance Of Running Surface

When it comes to joint health, the surface you run on is one of the most important factors. Concrete is the worst surface and can have serious negative impacts on your joints. Softer surfaces, such as a track or turf, are the most ideal and joint-friendly. These surfaces are better because they absorb a lot of the impact while running as opposed to a surface like concrete. Additionally, avoid running on uneven surfaces as this can lead to sprained ankles or joints.

Shoes Are Crucial

While many people can’t control the surface they run on, one factor everyone has control over is footwear. Finding the right shoes for you will take some trial and error but it’s one of the most important steps that you can take toward protecting your joints and feet. Buying shoes with cushioning designed for running can offer great support to your joints while you run.

Joint Pain Relief In South Florida

While precautions can be taken in order to protect your joints, you can’t always prevent injuries or the effects of aging on joints. For some, joint pain is already a serious problem and they need relief today. At BioCure, we provide joint pain relief and regenerative treatments to help with any ailments or discomfort that you’re experiencing and get you back to living life the way you want.


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