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The COVID-19 outbreak appeared to come out of nowhere and turned daily life on its head for all of us. Businesses closed, working from home became the norm, social distancing was enforced, grocery shopping became a high-stakes game, and wellness became a priority. Now that things have eased up and life is returning to normal, it is easy to let our guard down and allow our health to slip. However, it is just as important now as it was during the height of COVID-19 to care for our well-being and continue taking preventative actions. 

Practicing Good Personal Health Habits

COVID-19 made many of us think of our health in ways we hadn’t before. Although the risk of contracting COVID-19 might not be as high now, we should still take caution and continue to prioritize our bodies in order to live a healthy lifestyle. The following tips will help minimize the chances of falling ill and improve the way we feel in our day-to-day.

Maintain Hygiene Practices

It is always important to maintain frequently touched surfaces and objects clean. This includes tables, doorknobs, lightswitches and even laptops and cellular devices. If surfaces are visibly dirty, they should be cleaned first to remove dirt and grime, and then disinfected. Washing your hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds should also remain a common practice and should be done after using the bathroom, before eating, and after blowing your nose or sneezing. This will help reduce the risk of contracting bacteria or viruses, as well as prevent others from getting sick. 

Keep Your Immune System Strong

Our immune system is a highly intricate system designed to fight off infections and disease. In order for it to function properly, we need to ensure that we aren’t doing things that will be detrimental to it. Here are some actions that we can take to keep our immune system working effectively:

  • Smoking & Alcohol Use: Quit smoking and drink alcohol only in moderation. 
  • Focus on Nutrition: The healthiest meals focus on a broad selection of colorful vegetables, high-quality meats and fats, and low to moderate amounts of fresh fruits. 
  • Get Adequate Sleep: The body relies on sleep to recover so it is very important to get sufficient sleep every night and maintain a regular sleeping schedule.
  • Stress & Coping: Stress during an outbreak can lead to fear and anxiety, changes in sleeping and eating patterns, and the worsening of chronic health problems. To support your mental health, it is important to take time for yourself by meditating, taking breaks from the news, reading, going for walks and connecting with others. 
  • Exercise Regularly: Even if the risk of contracting COVID-19 is low, one should always exercise to maintain their cardiorespiratory fitness, improve immune responses, and keep their body feeling in tiptop shape.

Live Life Feeling Your Best

At BioCure, we want to ensure that your health is always at the top of the list. While good health habits can help in keeping the body strong, sometimes previous injuries or age can keep us from feeling our best. That is why we offer treatments that focus on restoring the body’s natural healing abilities so you can live your life the way that you want to.


Unlock Your Inner Youth, Unleash Your Best Life.


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