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Brain Optimization With BioCure

Aging has a significant impact on our cognitive performance and we can all experience these impacts differently. From becoming more easily distracted, multitasking, retaining information, to requiring more effort to make decisions, aging can affect our brain optimization. The good news is there are ways to maintain or increase our brain optimization. Using NAD and Methylene Blue therapies is a viable option. 

NAD (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme that produces energy, regulates bodily functions, and has been shown to protect and repair the brain and rebuild our mitochondria. Methylene Blue is a cognitive mitochondrial enhancer and with years of research, Methylene Blue has shown promise to delay cellular aging and enhance key mitochondrial biochemical pathways.

At Biocure, we have effectively used these therapies as a nootropic improving brain function and memory retention. 

How It All Works:

Both NAD+ and Methylene Blue boast a wide range of complex benefits. NAD+ is a coenzyme of Vitamin B3, which is a naturally occurring compound. Our bodies use it faster than we’re able to produce it. By supplementing with NAD+, the mitochondria are supercharged in every cell of our body. NAD+ therapy works by delivering the oxidized form of NAD directly into the bloodstream and creating cellular energy.  Your brain’s neurons rely almost entirely on mitochondrial-derived energy. Failure of mitochondrial function can affect the rest of your body, but it’s particularly detrimental to your brain. 

This is where Methylene Blue steps in as one of the most important anti-aging and neurological disease-preventing biological agents. By quickly crossing the blood-brain barrier, it improves mitochondrial efficiency and respiration, acts as an antioxidant, and increases brain cell life span, resulting in improved memory and mood.

Methylene Blue is also able to increase the amount of NAD+ produced by the mitochondria. It improves memory by increasing brain cell respiration, or how the brain cell utilizes oxygen. It can also increase ATP (energy) production to provide more cellular energy for better overall brain function including cognition, mood, and memory.

Why You Need It:

As we age, not only does our body experience physical changes but our brain chemistry and metabolism change as well. Our mitochondrial energy levels and cerebral blood flow begin to decline as we age. And our attention, memory, and mental agility decline as well. 

All of these changes can occur at any age and are a product of our lifestyle; what we eat, drink, daily habits. 

NAD+ clinical studies have shown promising results in metabolizing toxins and helping us handle environmental stresses which can cause our bodies to degenerate faster. And at low doses, Methylene Blue has been shown to protect the brain from disease by acting as an electron donor to mitochondria production.

All of these factors are vital in the anti-aging process. Using these treatments can help maintain cognitive function before the further decline.

Improve Your Quality of Life at BioCure

Cognitive function and brain optimization is a key component in our everyday lives, and can often get overlooked as we focus on our physical health and appearance. But our cognitive health goes hand in hand with our physical health, it’s something we all need to be conscious of. 

At BioCure, we use science and evidence-based medicine to offer you the best treatments possible. Contact us today to see how you can benefit from NAD+ and Methylene Blue therapies.


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