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Ultra-Concentrated PRP for Knee Pain

Chronic joint pain can negatively affect our everyday lives and dictate our activities. It’s fairly common for most adults to experience joint pain in their knees, but there is a solution to this problem. Ultra Concentrated PRP therapy can be used to help treat chronic knee pain. It has been used to effectively treat several health conditions in the body, from orthopedic injections for arthritis to repairing soft tissue injuries. 

Treating Knee Pain With PRP

What Is PRP?

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy has been around for many years. PRP consists of two main elements: plasma and platelets. Simply put, PRP is blood that contains more platelets than normal. It is a concentrated solution of platelets and growth factors from your own blood. Platelets are known to contain growth factors that can aid in cell reproduction and trigger tissue regeneration.

A PRP injection is a sample of your own blood and platelets are separated from other blood cells, the increased concentration of platelets is combined with the remaining blood.  At BioCure, our advanced equipment allows for us to concentrate between 5x to 10x the regular concentration of platelets when compared to traditional PRP.

How Does It Work?

After our Orthopedic Specialist evaluates your condition and needs, and they recommend PRP therapy as a viable treatment, you can schedule your procedure. 

There are 4 steps in the procedure:

  1. A small sample of blood is taken into a specialized collection tube. 
  2. That tube is placed into a centrifuge, where it’s spun at high speeds to separate the red blood cells from the platelets and plasma.
  3. The practitioner will retrieve the PRP at a concentration of 7-9 times the average PRP procedure. 
  4. Using ultrasound guidance, our practitioner injects the specimen in the affected area for maximal repair and regeneration. 

Our PRP procedures usually come coupled with Ozone. This allows for the cells, proteins, growth factors, and peptides in our plasma to be fully activated and supersaturated with oxygen. 


There are several benefits when it comes to PRP therapy. Especially if you suffer from chronic knee pain or osteoarthritis in most joints. Chronic pain can truly affect multiple areas of your life, so when treated and chronic pain is reduced, your quality of life can be vastly improved. Here are a few other benefits:

  • Joint pain reduction
  • Subdues inflammation
  • Improved mobility and function
  • Non-invasive solution
  • Repairing damaged tissue or cartilage
  • Let’s you move again! 

Reduce Chronic Knee Pain

Living a pain-free life is what most of us strive for. In combination with PRP injections and a healthy lifestyle, eliminating chronic pain can be achieved. At BioCure, we use cutting-edge technology for the absolute best results in our procedures and effective non-surgical treatments. We offer multiple PRP therapies because we recognize everyone is different and has different needs. Our doctors and specialists can help you avoid seeking invasive procedures to relieve your joint pain. Don’t let chronic knee pain hold you back from achieving your ideal lifestyle. Contact us today to see if Ultra-Concentrated PRP therapy is right for you. 


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