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Weight Management

Managing your weight can be a very stressful task, especially as we get older and our lives become busier. We forget to focus on our physical health while getting through our daily lives and many of us are guilty of putting our weight-loss goals on the backburner. At BioCure, we have a team of Metabolic Medicine Specialists that can help you reach your health goals. Our specialists are focused on taking care of your wellbeing and tailoring a plan to fit your body and your budget. We also offer concierge telemedicine patient care, where our metabolic medicine specialists schedule a video call with you to discuss your past medical health, physical goals, and any other concerns, all from the comfort and privacy of your own home; a perfect fit for those of us with a busy lifestyle.

Contributors to Weight Gain

Our metabolic medicine specialist tackles all the common problems that can cause weight gain and stubborn fat:

Poor eating habits

Having poor nutrition is one of the major contributors to gaining weight. Learning which foods are good for your body and having a balanced diet is imperative to managing your metabolism and weight. Overindulging, undereating, eating too much sugar and processed foods are all causes of weight gain. 

Lack of sleep

The connection between sleep and weight is often overlooked. Getting enough quality sleep is vital to maintaining weight and living a healthy lifestyle. Our bodies and minds need to get adequate rest every single night.

Little exercise

This might be an obvious cause but it needs to be addressed. As adults, we need at least 75 – 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per week. Many people live a sedentary lifestyle due to their desk jobs, so staying active is vital for weight management and overall health. 

Natural aging process

Our metabolism tends to slow down as with age and we naturally begin to lose muscle mass. Our hormones also change as we get older which can affect our weight as well.  So it becomes a little more difficult to manage our weight with age.

All of these elements can contribute to unwanted weight gain and aid in an unhealthy lifestyle. Our BioCure metabolic medicine specialists will address each of these factors and other contributors to stubborn fat.

Your Wellness Journey With BioCure

Our specialists work with you and your body, lifestyle, and budget to customize a plan to meet your needs and goals. We understand how important physical health is and the struggle it can be to prioritize it, that’s where our specialists come in. They are there to help you lead a healthy life. We offer the convenience of concierge telemedicine patient care where our specialists can provide assistance to you right from your own home.

At BioCure, we use advanced and latest technologies to evaluate each patient and provide a personalized plan to help you accomplish your health goals. Our priority and purpose is for you to look and feel your best while living a healthy life. 


Unlock Your Inner Youth, Unleash Your Best Life.


Age Management