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Top 7 Things You Are Doing That Is Harming Your Gut

Many people associate the gut with simply food digestion, but the gut is actually a vital part of the body that absorbs critical nutrients for optimal health. One of the main functions of the gut is to balance the good and bad bacteria, this is known as the Microbiome, the delicate balance between good and bad bacteria.  When there’s an imbalance, it can affect several aspects of overall health. In this blog, we’ll go over the dietary and lifestyle factors that can create a harmful imbalance.

Why Gut Health Is Important

Our gut is directly linked to our immune function. A healthy gut provides a wall that acts as a barrier that can prevent viruses and an overload of ‘bad’ bacteria. When the barrier is broken, this causes a leaky gut, leading to illnesses and chronic conditions. Here are some important factors to consider that can create a harmful imbalance. 

What Can Lead To A Harmful Gut?

Dietary Factors

Our daily diet should consist of whole foods with a variety of colors. Eating a wide range of foods can help ensure the necessary nutrients are met. Our diet should include prebiotics (garlic, bananas, apples, etc.)  and probiotics (yogurt, kimchi, kombucha, etc.). Eating too many processed foods can disrupt our gut health, along with drinking too much alcohol. 

Overuse of Medications and Antibiotics

Antibiotics are essential to fighting bacterial infections and other illnesses, when absolutely necessary. However, antibiotics work by killing bacteria, both beneficial and harmful bacteria. Consistently taking antibiotics can agitate the gut. Oral contraceptive pills also impact gut health by altering gut permeability. 


Cigarette smoke harms the digestive system, causing disorders and diseases like peptic ulcers, heartburn, and Crohn’s disease. Smoking increases the risk of developing specific conditions and diseases and makes them harder to treat if developed. 

Excessive Stress

A stressful lifestyle is directly linked to negative impacts on our mental and physical health. Too much stress can decrease the amount of healthy gut bacteria and reduce blood flow. 

Lack of Quality Sleep

Along with stress, getting adequate sleep affects our mental and physical health. Poor sleep habits increase the bacteria associated with diabetes and weight gain. Further, poor gut health affects our sleep patterns causing restless sleep.

Not Enough Exercise

People who are more physically active tend to have healthier guts and a better digestive system. Exercise allows redistribution of blood flow and several other bodily reactions that favor healthy gut bacteria. 

Low Water Intake

Drinking plenty of water ensures a diversity of gut bacteria. When our body is dehydrated, it will absorb whatever is in the large intestine, causing constipation or hard stools.

Achieve A Healthy Gut With BioCure

Our everyday actions can influence gut health unknowingly. The symptoms of a poor gut vary from fatigue and food intolerance to skin rashes and weight gain. Maintaining a healthy gut is imperative to a well-rounded lifestyle. Getting a comprehensive stool exam can help evaluate your gut health; IV and Peptide therapies can improve gut health and motility. Contact Biocure today to learn more about achieving a healthy gut.


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