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Stop Osteoarthritis With Alpha 2 Macroglobulin

Managing osteoarthritis pain can be unbearable and can worsen with age. Millions of people resort to taking over-the-counter pain relievers daily, but that doesn’t treat or prevent the condition. Biocure has scientifically-proven treatment options for osteoarthritis and the pain associated with it. One treatment we like to highlight is Alpha 2 macroglobulin (A2M). Here is all you need to know about A2M.

What Is A2M?

Alpha 2 Macroglobulin is a naturally occurring molecule found in your blood that is produced by your liver. A2M is found throughout the body and protects your cartilage from damaging proteins known to cause osteoarthritis. A2M is key to stopping osteoarthritis at the molecular level by preventing the breakdown of cartilage and cartilage loss. 

Three proteins degrade cartilage over time (Cytokines, MMPs, ADAMTs), and A2M therapy is injected directly into the affected joints, protecting the cartilage and inhibiting the progression of osteoarthritis. 

The A2M Treatment Process

We conduct an initial consultation for patients coming in for A2M therapy and then collect a blood sample. We run the blood sample through a centrifuge to separate the necessary components we will use and isolate the A2M molecules. The concentrated dose of A2M is then injected into the desired area and begins to remove any destructive enzymes from the joint tissue. 

The procedure is minimally invasive, and many patients have pain improvement the same day. While results in patients can vary, regular treatments can limit or prevent the progression of joint degeneration. The best solution is early arthritis detection and treatments before the cartilage has completely deteriorated.

Benefits of A2M Therapy

A2M has been proven to improve the pain and damage of osteoarthritis in most patients. But each case is different. The number of treatments recommended and the length of results can vary. If treatment is performed early on, the maximum amount of cartilage will be protected before becoming damaged. 

A2M therapy will still benefit those with untreated osteoarthritis as it relieves joint pain and reduces inflammation. The main reasons to receive A2M therapy are to:

  • Reduce or eliminate pain and inflammation
  • Prevent further deterioration of cartilage and tissue
  • Restore joint function
  • Prevent or delay invasive surgical procedures

Stay Pain-Free With Biocure

Living an active lifestyle is a must for everyone’s physical and mental health. In conjunction with a healthful diet, exercise prevents numerous diseases and conditions. For some, joint paint can prohibit that active lifestyle, especially as we age. Treating joint pain and osteoarthritis early can ensure your lifestyle doesn’t suffer. 

But it’s never too late to seek treatment for joint pain. At Biocure, we offer several therapies and treatments for age management and orthopedic health. Biocure is one of the few facilities in South Florida that provide A2M treatments. Contact us today to see how Biocure can keep you young and healthy. 


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