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Hunger Pains: How to Stop Feeling So Hungry After a Workout

So, you’ve just finished a workout at your gym when you notice something strange. An intense rumble from your stomach lets you know it’s time to eat. You’ve noticed this before but you’ve never thought much about it. Now you’re wondering why this has become a pattern. 

If this sounds pretty familiar just know you are not alone. Hunger pains are something many people experience after an intense workout. However, the reason behind it centers around your body’s metabolism.

What Is Metabolism?

Your metabolism regulates the amount of energy your body receives through food and drink. Properly regulating your metabolism is an important task. That’s why you always hear people talking about a minimum number of calories you should take in based on your height and weight. You need your metabolism to determine whether other bodily functions are operating normally. This includes breathing and digestion.

Workout Tips: Before, During, and After

So, what should you do if your metabolism makes you feel so hungry after a workout? Experts suggest eating more carbohydrates and proteins ahead of a strenuous workout. This will help make sure your body has the nutrients it needs. Also, drink lots of water before your workout. Here are some other things you can do before, during and after your workout to ease hunger pains: 

Before a Workout: A couple of hours before you head to the gym, plan a meal that will give you lots of nutrients. This can be whole-grain cereal, whole-wheat toast, pasta, or brown rice. You can even enjoy some fruits and vegetables.

While You Workout: Take a few breaks between sets to replenish your body with fluids. A water break is important! You can also try adding BCAA (branch chain amino acids) to your water.  BCAA’s have been proven to increase muscle growth, decrease muscle soreness, reduce exercise fatigue, and prevent muscle wasting.  If you are in the middle of a rigorous workout take a break to eat some yogurt or fruit.

After a Workout: You guessed it! You’ll want to drink some more water. You don’t want to be dehydrated after a tough workout. This could contribute to the stomach rumbling you previously experienced. In addition, you may want to eat some fast-burning carbohydrates and adequate proteins to restore what you’ve burned during the workout.

Nutritional Solutions With BioCure 

BioCure Integrative Medicine offers various therapies to help you reach your optimal levels of fitness and health.  From our broad range of Nutritional IV’s to Lifestyle & Supplement Consulting.  Our service helps your body to better absorb those nutrients into your body’s cells. It’s a great option for quicker healing.

Another BioCure service available to you is our Peptide Therapy. This therapy helps stimulate your body to produce elevated levels of growth and sex hormones. It can also speed up the production of Type 2 Collagen for healing purposes.

BioCure Integrative Medicine is a leader in restoration, healing, longevity, pain relief, and more. We are committed to improving our clients’ lives through health and medicine. You can find out more about what we offer by visiting our website and contacting us here.


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