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How Can Peptides Help Me Lose Weight? 

Reaching our weight loss goals can be quite a struggle. As we age, many factors of our health naturally decline; the production of peptides is one of them. Peptides support our immune function, contribute to cell production, and reduce inflammation and the signs of aging. When peptide production decreases, our energy levels lower, making it more challenging to live the same lifestyle. Usually, at the age of 30 is the start of declining peptides. Here is a quick guide to peptides and how it aids with weight loss.  

Introduction to Peptides

In its simplest form, a peptide is a small chain of amino acids. Amino acids are considered the building blocks of proteins, but it can be easier for the body to absorb amino acids than proteins. Since peptides are smaller, they can efficiently penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream quickly. 

Our bodies naturally produce peptides, but with age, our production decreases. The function of the peptide is dependent on the type; they act as messengers carrying information from one tissue to another. Some help with digestion, hormone level regulation, and the repair of tissue damage.

What Is Peptide Therapy?

Peptide therapy refers to the use of synthetic peptides. Man-made peptides can mimic the same peptides in our bodies and help stimulate their production. Depending on the specific peptide, they could be used for various health reasons. Some common forms of treatment are capsules, injectables, powders, troches, and topical creams. 

Peptide therapy can help with weight loss in a variety of ways. It can work as a sort of domino effect. Peptides that increase energy levels will enhance workouts, resulting in more fat loss. 

Peptide Therapy With BioCure

We offer peptide therapy through troches, capsules, and injections. When we’re implementing our weight loss program, we typically recommend peptides:

  • Sermorelin/Glycine: We combine sermorelin with glycine. Sermorelin stimulates the production and release of your own growth hormone in the pituitary gland. Glycine is an amino acid highly concentrated in collagen and acts as a neurotransmitter. Combining sermorelin with glycine makes the ideal pair for increasing growth hormone release; resulting in improved sleep, weight loss, and muscle increase.
  • TB4-Frag: TB4 consists of 43 amino acids but has poor oral consumption due to its size. TB4-Frag is a fragment of the peptide but still potent. It can help with reducing inflammation, repairing muscle tissue damage, reducing food reactivity, and rejuvenating muscular structures.
  • CJC-1295/Ipamorelin: CJC-1295 is a synthetically produced peptide that increases the pulsatile release of your body’s growth hormones and protein synthesis. Ipamorelin secretes hormones into the bloodstream by stimulating the anterior pituitary gland. Combining CJC-1295 and Ipamorelin creates a growth hormone secretagogue. Together they are more potent and enhance muscle development, increase energy, and improve physical appearance.
  • BPC-157: BPC-157 is a fragment of a protein found in our gastric juice. It is sometimes referred to as a gut-healing peptide. It’s considered an anti-inflammatory and helps promote joint structure healing.

Before any therapy can begin, we conduct a medical evaluation to ensure the patient is a good match and will benefit from the treatment. We also need to be aware of any medical conditions and current medications to prevent any interactions or side effects. 

We have an effective medical weight loss program that can be tailored to each patient. Here is a quick peek into our program:

  1. Comprehensive patient intake – This is where we evaluate your current health and use this to measure your progression. We’ll ask a series of questions to understand your lifestyle better.  
  1. Complete blood work analysis – The blood work results guide us in creating a comprehensive program. We get an in-depth look into your health status and can implement ways to improve it. 
  1. Semaglutide peptide therapy – After we evaluate your health, we can determine which peptide and form of treatment will perform optimally for you. 
  1. 6 to 10-day detox program – A detox program that boosts your natural ability to rid the body of toxins. 
  1. Online Health Coach visits – Our health coach will counsel you on how to increase fat loss and healthily maintain your desired weight all from the comfort of your own home.  Securely and privately via a Zoom Video Conference Call.

Meet Your Goals With BioCure

Peptide therapy can help you lose those last few stubborn pounds, or help you ramp up your weight loss journey. However, peptide therapy alone shouldn’t be the sole answer. Combining peptide therapy with a balanced diet and regular exercise can maximize results and encourage better weight loss. Our weightloss program can be for anyone looking to reach their health goals. Contact us today to get started working towards your aspirations.


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