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Finding Relief With Spinal Decompression Therapy

According to an article published in the U.S. News, over 80% of individuals will report feeling back pain at some point in their lives, and approximately 30% of people experience back pain on any given day. With such high figures, it’s apparent that back pain is a prevalent issue with adults today. However, some doctors are quick to send their patients straight to surgery, when alternative options are available. This article will discuss the benefits of spinal decompression therapy and why it may be your solution to back pain. 

Why Spinal Decompression Therapy May Be Right For You

How It Works

Before we dive into the benefits of spinal decompression therapy, it’s important that we highlight how it works. When we’re born, our vertebrae come packed with water, acting as a cushion in between one another. Unfortunately, as we age, this fluid leaks out of the joints leading to reduced movement and flexibility. This process can be accelerated by periods of spinal loading (when excessive pressure is put on the spine) leading to moderate/severe back pain. 

In order to combat this, spinal decompression therapy helps decompress the vertebrae by gently stretching them apart allowing for the fluid to make its way back in between the vertebrae. Non-surgical spinal decompression is a great alternative to surgery or heavy medication and it helps alleviate a lot of the pain you may be experiencing. The treatment is typically performed on a specialized lumbar decompression table and works by gently manipulating spinal structures into their proper positions, forcing nutrient-rich fluids and oxygen into the spinal discs. 

Benefits Of Spinal Decompression Therapy

As previously stated, spinal decompression therapy is a great route for those with back pain but who don’t want to go through the nightmare of surgery. The following is several benefits of undergoing spinal decompression therapy:

  • No recovery time: Spinal surgery can leave patients bedridden and in discomfort for weeks. Even after undergoing back surgery, there is no guarantee that you will be back to full performance. With spinal decompression, there is little to no recovery time. In fact, once the therapy is completed, you will likely be able to drive yourself back home. 
  • Significantly diminished pain: Because spinal decompression therapy attacks back pain at the root of the cause, it’s a long-term treatment, not a quick fix. This therapy can promote the healing of spinal disc tissue, and when coupled with positive lifestyle habits, the pain-relieving benefits of spinal decompression are maximized. 
  • Easier on the wallet: Compared to the cost of surgery or years of medication, spinal decompression therapy is an affordable treatment. Meanwhile, the procedure does not usually require a recovery time meaning you don’t miss time from work. Spinal decompression is the most cost-effective route to relief. 
  • Safe for all ages: Due to its non-invasive nature, spinal decompression therapy is safe for teens, adults, and the elderly. Since spinal decompression eliminates the complications brought upon by surgery or the potential side effects of medication, it’s a safe alternative for people of all ages. 

For those with back pain hindering your ability to move freely, we recommend looking further into spinal decompression therapy. If you have any questions or concerns regarding spinal decompression, we encourage you to schedule a consultation today. 

A Pain-Free Life Is A Stress-Free Life

Back pain is one of the most common yet discomforting health conditions in the world. It can seriously hinder one’s movement in their daily life and seeking treatment as early as possible is essential. Luckily for you, at BioCure we offer spinal decompression therapy to instantly alleviate your pain. Skip the surgery and find relief with our non-invasive treatment today! 


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