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Sciatica is a major cause of leg pain, numbness and disability. It is usually caused by injury or damage to the sciatic nerve.

Your sciatic nerve goes from the lower back through your buttocks, down to your thigh, calf, and foot. Sciatic pain is usually one-sided, but sometimes it occurs on both sides of your body.

If there’s any tension on the nerve, such as bending to tie your shoe, stretching movements, or walking, your pain could get worse. While your sciatic nerve affects the legs, feet, and buttocks, a common cause of sciatica is a slipped or herniated spinal disc. Other causes include a malfunctioning nervous system, an injury to the lower back or buttocks, or a tumor.

Sciatica symptoms may include pain in the hip and buttock, pain that gets worse when you stretch your legs or that runs down the back of your thigh to your calf and foot. It can also cause numbness, tingling, or burning in your leg, and weakness or muscle spasms in the leg.

Regenerative Treatments for Pain Relief

Chiropractic care is a good option for the treatment of back pain, hip pain, leg pain, neck pain, and other sciatic nerve symptoms because they respond well to this all-natural, non-invasive treatment. Chiropractic adjustments can be an effective non-surgical way to improve your skeletal alignment for sciatica relief.

Another all-natural treatment our clinic performs are injections containing mesenchymal cells. This regenerative cellular treatment can potentially treat pain resulting from sciatic nerve symptoms. Mesenchymal cells, powerful growth factors and cytokines can start repairing your injury at the site of injection and fast-track the regeneration of degraded tissue to give you quick sciatica pain relief.

Wharton’s jelly-derived mesenchymal cells are obtained from trusted tissue banks. There are no ethical or health concerns associated with these cells. They are derived from birth tissue donated by healthy mothers during childbirth. We prefer this treatment because it contains an abundance of young potent healing cells.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is also used for sciatica pain treatment. Similar to cellular treatments using mesenchymal cells, PRP injections have growth factors including proteins, amino acids and cytokines – agents responsible for healing and tissue growth. PRP reduces inflammation and promotes the repair of tissues affected by long-term inflammation damage.


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