Kim Kardashian

Like Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian used PRP to give her a younger look. In a procedure called a Vampire Facial, Kardashian had specks of blood covering her face. Those specks were Platelet Rich Plasma. By injecting her skin with it using a micro-needle, a specialist aimed to eliminate wrinkles and heal the skin. Even with the minimally invasive application, PRP has a healing ability.

Concha VW

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Mitchell Nowack

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Tiger Woods

Females aren’t the only ones using PRP. For example, consider Tiger Woods. When he blew out his knee in 2008, he needed a knee reconstruction. However, the procedure often results in knee pain and recurring problems. Woods had PRP injections before the Master’s tournament. After he received several injections of PRP in his knee, he competed. In what appeared to be a miraculous recovery, he was then able to compete without pain.

Adriana Madrinan

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Alex Rodriguez

When Alex Rodriguez underwent surgery in 2009, people had concerns about his return. They thought that the baseball all-star might not make it back on the field quickly. However, Rodriguez underwent PRP therapy. He made it back on the field much sooner than everyone else expected. Thanks to PRP, he got his career back quickly.