David Bieber

Dr. Rosado is very professional and really cares. He uses all the newest cures in helping you get better and healthier.

Ashley Tewes

Best anti-aging and RPR therapy clinic in all of South Florida! Cannot recommend enough. Thanks Dr. Rosado and his amazing staff :)

Angelina Jolie

In a procedure called a Dracula Facelift, Angelina Jolie received a shot of PRP into her face. The procedure boosts the collagen production at the injection site. As a result, it makes skin look younger and more elastic. With more collagen, Jolie’s face appeared more youthful.

Kobe Bryant

In basketball, the risk of knee injury is great.The famous Kobe Bryant was a victim of a knee injury. After years of stress on his knees, he developed trouble with his joints. His pain was so bad that he thought about retiring early. However, he opted instead to try PRP therapy. Bryant flew to Germany and received several rounds of PRP injections. Then, Bryant was able to resume his career without knee troubles. PRP saved him from an early retirement.

Michael Blake

Excellent service and RESULTS. 6 months ago Dr. Rosado saved me from costly knee surgery by implementing Stem Cell Therapy. I am back to playing basketball after a 12 year hiatus.

Rafael Nadal

Received stem cell treatment on his ailing back, the doctor of the 14-times grand slam winner said: “We are going to put cells in a joint in his spine.”