PT-141 (Bremelanotide) and sexual dysfunction

PT-141 is a new innovative peptide hormone treatment that works for both men and women to improve sexual function. PT-141 is an effective and efficient treatment for both erectile dysfunction and increased libido in men and improves female sexual arousal disorder in women. It works directly through the nervous system to increase arousal, desire, and satisfaction with sex.

If low levels of testosterone or other male hormones are causing you to experience erectile dysfunction, it is likely that balancing those hormones to normal levels could resolve erectile dysfunction. A simple test to determine your hormone levels will help your physician determine if your erectile dysfunction is caused by low testosterone and if it is, bioidentical hormone therapy may be your ideal solution.

What is PT-141 (Bremelanotide)?

PT 141 is a melanocortin based peptide that can address the problem of sexual dysfunction, for both men who have erectile dysfunction or impotence and women with sexual arousal disorder. It can be an alternative to Viagra or Cialis. However, it has also been known to have the happy side effects of boosted energy and a natural tan. This synthetic peptide blend was developed from Melanotan II, a hormone that can darken skin pigmentation and induce tanning.

How Does Bremelanotide PT 141 Work?

Bremelanotide PT 141 is administered via a subcutaneous injection. The most suitable sites for injection are where there are fat deposits. Bremelanotide is, therefore, most often injected into the stomach region, lower abdomen, or thigh. 

It stimulates and activates the dopamine hormones that happen to play a major role in sexual motivation. Dopamine is a known compound in the body, it’s a neurotransmitter that stimulates performance. When you have low levels of dopamine, your libido is lowered. So, while PT 141 can be used to treat sexual dysfunction, for men and women, it can also be used for boosting your energy naturally, without harmful energy drinks or pills. It can also be used to promote skin tanning without the harmful effects of UV radiation and sunlight. It’s a good option for people who participate in body building competitions, they can get darker skin faster and have more energy to power through their workouts.

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What Exactly Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to keep and maintain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse or activity. Erectile dysfunction can be the inability to reach a complete erection, an inconsistency to do so, or the inability to sustain it for extended periods of time. There are several causes of erectile dysfunction in men, several of which are influenced by hormones.

If you notice any of the following symptoms on a regular basis, you may be a candidate for PT-141:

Benefits of PT-141:

Bremelanotide can be beneficial in the following ways:

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