Do you suffer from numbness in your hands, legs, or feet? These symptoms could be signs of peripheral neuropathy or nerve damage. With all-natural pain relief regenerative therapies, we can effectively treat your neuropathy in South Florida to help you live a pain free life.

What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy is a series of disorders caused by damage to your body’s peripheral nervous system. These disorders often result in pain, numbness, or muscle weakness. Peripheral nerve injuries occur throughout your body, leading to loss of function and chronic pain. Biocure Regenerative Medicine is a World leader in peripheral neuropathy treatment.

Diabetes is a top cause of peripheral neuropathy. Diabetes causes unhealthy sugar levels, which over time, affect your nerves or damage blood vessels that bring oxygen to your nerves. Your damaged nerves stop sending messages, send messages at the wrong times, or send them more slowly, resulting in neuropathy symptoms like numbness in the feet and hands or tingling in the feet or hands.

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Neuropathy Treatment

Platelet-rich plasma injections are among the most innovative and powerful tools for pain relief and healing available today.

PRP injections are made from a highly concentrated component of your blood, making it a natural solution. PRP contains growth factors that prompt your body to heal damaged nerves and other tissues.

A member of our medical team takes a sample of your blood and processes it in a specialized medical device at high speeds to isolate and separate the platelets. By isolating the platelets and injecting the concentrated serum into areas where you suffer from pain, your body gets a healthy dose of regenerative platelets that reduce pain and speed up your healing without surgery.

Since PRP comes from your blood, you don’t need to worry about allergic or other adverse reactions. The procedure is safe and completely non-surgical with minimal risk of infections.

Chiropractic care is also part of an effective peripheral neuropathy treatment program. Spinal manipulations and adjustments, along with special exercises, can potentially reduce the severity of the motor nerve and sensory nerve damage to help you manage the disease.

Causes of Foot, Leg and Hand, Pain or Numbness

What are the causes of peripheral neuropathy? Physical trauma due to an injury is a common cause of nerve damage. Other causes of neuropathy include:

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