Most people with chronic back pain in South Florida believe surgery or a prescription medication is the only option for pain relief. Fortunately, for those in the South Florida area, we offer new, safe, outpatient, and non-surgical regenerative medicine therapy. Our doctors can help you avoid lengthy rehab and potential risks associated with surgery for your lower back aches, lower spine pain, herniated disc problems, and more.

Lower Back Pain Relief

Regenerative medicine therapies involve replacing or regenerating human tissues to re-establish and improve normal function. This branch of medical science focuses on treating the root cause of lower back pain and related conditions. One effective regenerative medicine treatment, injections containing stem cells and other growth factors, is designed to regenerate, rebuild, and repair damaged tissues for all-natural pain relief.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection is another minimally invasive treatment. PRP therapy uses growth factors, proteins, and other bioactive materials derived from your blood to repair structures to heal the root of your back problems while reducing pain.

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Treatments Containing Stem Cells for Back Injuries

Stem cells are used to generate the repair of damaged tissues. By concentrating these cell types and injecting them into affected areas, we can facilitate the healing process. Stem cells transform into other cells so that they can repair damage from degeneration and injury. Injections containing stem cells and other growth factors can be used for long-term pain relief, without the need for painful surgeries.

We source Wharton’s jelly-derived stem cells from reputable tissue banks. Birth tissue is donated by healthy, consenting mothers who’ve undergone scheduled C-sections. This donation does not affect the baby, the mother, or the delivery process. Birth tissue is rich in growth factors, structural proteins such as collagens, cytokines, hyaluronic acid, and other nutrients that promote cellular repair, reduce inflammation, and aid tissue regeneration.

We also offer chiropractic care for common lower back aches and other conditions. Our chiropractor uses manual adjustments to correct spine issues and misalignments for relief from back problems. This lower back ache treatment can be combined with laser therapy to ease your sore back.

Back Pain Causes

Common conditions linked to lumbar pain include:

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