Reach Optimal Levels Of Health And Wellness

Our mission is to help our customers reach optimal levels of health and wellness without the need of potentially dangerous medicines and sub-par quality supplements with our Doctor-curated supplement kits.

Who We Are

StrategIQ Health is the passion-project of a group of practicing Doctors, which after years of practice, realized that there was an enormous need for educated-guidance in the supplement market. Usually, Doctors are good at prescribing medication, but very rarely focus on the more natural supplement route. Leaving patients in limbo, to fend for themselves through the sea of options.

Our medical team is comprised of Board-Certified Metabolic Medicine Specialists, Anti-Aging Specialists, Herbologists, and others which will custom curate a supplement kit specific to your needs.

What Makes Us Different?

We aren’t a supplement company, and we aren’t a medical clinic…we are a group of practicing physicians that will specifically curate a kit of supplements to suit your exact needs. We have successfully treated thousands of patients over the years, and pride ourselves on helping all of our patients reach and attain optimal health and wellness for a lifetime.

Our Programs

Learn more about our innovative programs specifically curated to attain optimal your health and wellness.

What Makes Us Different?

This is the flagship program for StrategIQ Health. It is our belief, that most ailments start in the gut, and there are hundreds of studies to back that belief up. In this program we support the microbiome (the bacterial environment of our gut) by not just adding new bacteria, but also feeding and nurturing the already existing bacteria. We also utilize natural antivirals, antibacterials, and antimicrobials to effectively eliminate viruses, toxins and parasites from our digestive system.

Get rid of gas, bloating, heartburn, and poor digestion with the Gut Renewal Program from StrategIQ Health at Home.

Weight Loss

Stop the yo-yo fad diets, start something that is medically proven to work. Our all-natural kits are comprised of effective pharmaceutical-grade amino acids, appetite suppressants, and gut-bacteria support which keeps your system functioning optimally and your metabolism cranking on all cylinders.

Reach your goals…and stay there, with the Weight Management program from StrategIQ Health.

Lung Restore

The lungs work all day, every day. They exchange Oxygen (the good stuff) and eliminate Carbon-Dioxide and Toxins (the bad stuff). It is the most used pathway to connect the outside world to our inside world. When they are compromised, the lack of oxygen could be detrimental to our overall health. Without Oxygen, our bodies cannot function optimally. Our lungs also act as a filter, much like how an air filter acts in your air conditioner, and with time we can develop a toxic buildup which harms these sensitive tissues. The good news is that our lungs can regenerate. With proper supplementation, therapies, and respiratory rehab, we can strengthen our lungs back up to tip-top shape.

Restore your lungs with StrategIQ Health.

Immunity Boost

As we have seen in recent years, without health, there is nothing. Our carefully curated kit helps stimulate your body’s natural ability to combat unwanted bugs. Keep your immunity soldiers active and healthy with our combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids which can stimulate health and longevity.

Keep yourself and your family healthy with the Immunity Boost program from StrategIQ Health.

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